Immersions in the forest

Immersions are group experiences that take place in the temperate broadleaf forests and Mediterranean climate of Europe. Most of them happen in France. Let’s know about Immersions in the forest with details.

Immersions in the forest with details

In our adventure travel, we will walk, carrying only very simple and basic equipment and live with what nature gives us. In any season, we will be able to get everything we need, such as fresh, pure water, wild edible plants, fruits, berries, seeds, roots, bark, and mushrooms. We will go through an unusual gastronomic experience preparing food on fire or eating it raw and discovering new and authentic tastes. We will swim in rivers and springs, and sleep under the stars or in shelters that we will build ourselves.

wild camping

the art and simplicity of sleeping in Nature

During our experience in the forest, I will initiate you into the use of primitive and native skills, survival skills, bushcraft techniques, edible wild plants, survival shelter, and so much more. However, I will also encourage you to develop and use your creativity, knowledge and full capacity.

We will walk at our own pace, sometimes even at night, enjoying the light of the moon and stars. Nature will offer us an opportunity to meditate and enjoy the tranquility. Immersion is a moment of pleasure, transformation, discovery, and sharing of knowledge. Above all, it is an opportunity to live in oneness with nature.

Every Immersion is unique and unpredictable.

immersion nature

resting and cooking near the open fire


What to bring:

– A good backpack: simple, comfortable and light, between 35 and 60 liters and with rain protection.

– A sleeping bag with up to -5 degrees ‘comfort limit.’

– A mattress: simple and solid, e.g., a mat.

– A solid knife: the Scandinavian bowie knife is an excellent example, though a small jack-knife might also do the trick.

– A waterproof and windproof jacket made out of transpiring material or a waterproof poncho.

– One or two woolen sweaters.

– A pair of pants, solid and transpiring (linen or cotton).

– Woolen underwear for nights.

– Woolen socks and cap.

– Shoes or sandals, solid and comfortable.

– A headlamp.

-A water-bottle of 1L or 2L.

For winter expeditions, the list of required equipment might be different. Please send me an email to request a copy.

What will be provided:

-A tarp to shelter everyone

-A big casserole

-A food base (walnut, hazelnut, rice, buckwheat …)


50 euros per day per person

30% discount for participants aged below 24 years


France sauvage

the beauty of Cevennes valleys